About me

Name: Michel Fedde
Age: 19
Country: Germany
Job: Student of computer science
Hobbys: Playing computer games, writing

I am a (currently) 19 years young hobby programmer. I program since I was 13 years young.

I was always interested in computers but all the programming stuff began with a good friend Jonathan Riedel (Orpticon). I saw him programming and I thought: "Hey. Thats cool. I want make that, too.".

I began with HTML together with CSS and JS to create my first website. Then I started to work with PHP to make some useful systems. For example: I wrote a website for a youtuber and for that I thougth: 'Hey. Maybe he want more features in the future.' So I wrote a updater, that was one file large. It uses JQuery, by copying the line in the file (The file size exploded after that.) and installing works by open the file multiple times inside the file with different get-arguments.

At some point, I began to use Discord and saw the bots and I always wanted to make such bots. Well. Google helped and I began to work with Python. After some time, I began to work with 'TKinter'. A libary to create graphical user interfaces and I started to make a text-adventure with a basic fighting-system, similar to Pokemon and I called it "Four Dragons of Apocalypse". (More Trash is not possible.)

After I passed the 10th grade, I found C# for me. A good language, what can everything I want and is pretty fast. With that I helped my friend by making the game ISOU, where you create your own space station with a pixelated look. But as with many of our projects, we abandoned it, with the argument: "We make it later." We always plan to make it again, with a better rendering method as WPF.

As I reached my 17th birth day (it was in the summer-holidays), I wanted to make a 2day-GameJam with my friends. Effectily came only one (from two), but we started to make TDRS. A top down shooter with randomized places to fight in. Even after the jam I added some things, that I wanted in the game.

After the holidays I began a computer science education. While the introduction a teacher told us, that he is making a game-engine, that we will use in the second year, using OpenGL. That gave me the last nudge to try, to create a renderer for OpenGL. And because I need a project as motivation, I began to remake TDRS, because I came in a performance-problem with the first one, that couldn't resolve because we chose to use WPF.

After one and a half years of constant development on my render engine "SMRenderer" I planed my very first serious game, at the 4th of Fabuary 2020 called "I Am Two" and released my Renderer to NuGet.

But even if programming takes a lot of my life, I do something else in my time, too.

I love playing computer games. Two of my most played and most loved games are Borderlands 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. Both FPS-RPGs in a apocalypse-szenario, but pretty different. Borderlands is a mostly funny, but under the hood serious game, with a loot-shooter system, where every gun is different. Fallout: New Vegas is the complete opposite. A serious game about live after a nuclear war in New (Las) Vegas.

And then I made some designs and 2D-animations for the streams of a friend of mine.

So. Here I am. A 19-year old with 6 years of programming experience. Many projects started and only some really finished. Thats who I am. A hobby programmer and gamer.

Thanks for reading.