A.L.E.I. - The Test
A first person shooter, where you travel though different areas and have to defeat an AI.
Connection Lost
A first person horror game, that plays in a arcade. You need to play different arcade games to exit the level, while a monster hunts you. I developed it, with a team of MdH Düsseldorf students, where I mostly developed the minigames in engine and did many of the final touch-ups.
TDRS (Top-Down Randomized Shooter)
A Top-Down Randomized shooter, where you have to fight in randomized arenas. This was created in a two day-game jam.
I am two
A small 2D platformer, where you control two players at the same time, to make sure both players are reaching there goals.
Grapple Ball
A first person game, where you grapple from ball to ball, while trying to shoot those balls into the target.


A Birthday Present
A custom expansion for a game called 'Skyrim'. It adds a new quest and location to the game. The quest is about someone who wants to congratulate you to your birthday.


Obsidian Pages
A simple page to display Markdown pages, specifically created with the Obsidian Editor.


This tool stores each minutes the currently open processes in a mysql database.
NuGet Creation Manager
A tool, that allows you to easily create nuget-packages.


An 2D-render engine for C# made with OpenTK.
A light weight INI parser for C#.


Electric Cow
A private discord bot for the Server 'Cow Chill Out', that has an own economy system.
Elements Forgery
A game where you had to mix different elements.